About Programme

Welcome to H3 Loyalty Rewards Program platform for all the loyal customers of H3 Geospatial Technologies Pte. Ltd.

This platform allows you to redeed your loyalty points (H3 Points), awarded to you against your purchases by us, against any of the reward products available here.  


Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is eligible to be awarded the H3 Points?
All partners who registered H3 account are eligible for these H3 Points.


Why I can’t login the account?
If you are facing multiple login errors, there may be a problem with your user id or password. You may want to reset your password by selecting “Forget Password” option and follow the instructions given.

If you still find that you are unable to login in your account please contact us via email to and we will reset the password for you.


What will be the value of the H3 Points awarded to each partners?
All the eligible partners will be receiving H3 points after making the payment to us. Every $100 spent will earn 10 points, points will be added in account and will take 1-2 working days.


Where and how can I redeem the H3 Points awarded to me?
Partners can redeem their H3 Points against any of the vouchers available for redemption on the special website set-up for this program. You can access the website using the following URL link – Click Link


How many of the vouchers can the H3 Points spend on?
Partners can choose to redeem any combination of the vouchers for redemption depend on how many points they available.


Is there a minimum spending required to use the vouchers?
No. there is no minimum spending required to use the vouchers.


How will I receive my vouchers?
Once partners have redeemed their points against the vouchers they wish to claim, the system will send the voucher via email by means of a unique URL link.

Click on the unique URL link sent to you via email to access the vouchers. We would recommend you to bookmark the URL link so that you can easily find it when needed.


How do I use the vouchers that I have claimed using the H3 Points?
The vouchers are redeemed by following different methods depending on the brand of voucher you have chosen to claim.

Please read through the various voucher redemption methods shown in the guidelines section. Also, the format of voucher redemption is mentioned in the Terms and Conditions for each of the branded vouchers.


Can the vouchers be combined for use?
Depending on the brand of vouchers claimed, you can use multiple vouchers in a single transaction. E.g. Dairy Farm, Swensen’s, Pezzo

However, for some brands like Grab, WorldRoamer, only one voucher can be used in each transaction.


Do I have to utilise the full value of the voucher at one time?
Yes, any unconsumed value of the voucher that is not utilised will be forfeited and is not refundable. E.g. If your total bill is $9.50 and you are utilising a $10 voucher, no change will be given.


When will my vouchers expire?
The expiry date is stated on every voucher. Please utilise the vouchers while it is still valid as there will be no extension upon expiry.


What is the validity date of my H3 Points?
The H3 Points are valid for 12 months start the date of done payment.


Who can I reach out to within H3 for any query pertaining to the Loyalty Program?
Please email your questions via email to