Grin Affair started back in 2009 as a hobby to make cards and notebooks, and have them put up in shops on consignment basis. The idea was to create delightful things that could make people grin. My interest then grew beyond handicrafts, and I started saving up money to buy more and more kitchen equipment to experiment and teach myself at the same time. My love for beautiful designs and cute little nothings probably guided me to the idea of serving mousse cakes in glass jars, and wrapping them up in lovely paper liners, fastened by a string that could be used for you to carry and swing around. I always found it hard to transport cakes around; they always seem so delicate and fragile. The glass jar pretty much solves that problem, on top of looking so cute. Brilliant, isn't it?

In 2011, i guess i pretty much saved up enough money and mustered enough courage to do something for real. I wish i could say it was a dream come true, but i spent most of my day listening to the same playlist, eating the unsold cakes, but thinking of more cakes and how to improve. I created some signboards and placed them in what i thought were strategic locations to direct people to my shop in Everton Park. I highly doubt that played a big part but i was slowly gaining some attention from bloggers, and soon the media came knocking on my door too. My family gave me so much support without any hesitation, and we expanded our workforce quickly. We are a small team of 12 today and we are a really happy bunch. 

In 2015, we opened another outlet in Bishan, created new meringue waffles and started offering customisation of the paper wrapper for our cakes. The response was overwhelming, especially for weddings, corporate events and birthday celebrations. Thank you so much for all your support! 

Contact Info

Address Blk 505D Bishan St 11 #01-408
Country Singapore
Postal 570505
Telephone (+65) 82222678