uPure 2 Water Purifier

uPure 2 Water Purifier

Brand : OSIM Model No. : OS-620 Seller : OSIM
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It is so easy to overlook the importance of clean water and the difference it makes to your health. That is why we have created the OSIM uPure 2 to give you clean water from the convenience of your tap anytime. With its unique 4-step purification process, the OSIM uPure 2 water purifier can effectively remove almost all of the known bacteria* in tap water. Now you can enjoy pure, clean water every day.

Step 1 Preliminary Filter Large suspended particles like sediments and rusts are removed.

Step 2 Granular Activated Carbon High grade granular activated carbon effectively removes chlorine and odour.

Step 3 Hollow Filament Membrane Microscopic stains, red dust, coliform bacili, batereria and protozoa are trapped.

Step 4 Mesh Filer The wire mesh filter acts as a final assurance to safe clean water.

* The bacteria reduction performance test complies with the Japan Water Purifier Association (JWPA) Voluntary Standards for Water Purifiers.

The OSIM uPure proves to remove 99.99% of the known bacteria in tap water. uPure 2 comes with an Adaptor Set with 8 different adaptors that fits perfectly with different faucet dimensions


Model : uPure 2 Water Purifier

Model number : OS-620

Filter : Activated carbon, Polysulfone hollow fibre membrane

Filtration flow rate : 2 litres/minute (Water pressure: 100kPa, water temperature at 20°C

Filtration capacity : Residual chlorine - 1500 litres / Turbidity - 2000 litres

Filter usage limit : 1500 litres (at a usage rate of 10 litres/day: 5 months)

Removal substances : Residual chlorine*, turbidity* and general bacteria (*Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS S3201)

Unremoval substances : Salt and iron dissolved in water, mineral components etc.

Water pressure resistance : 350kPa

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